Encaustic printing utilizes a pigmented wax melted onto a heated metal plate and is transferred to paper using hand pressure. Each print can not be exactly reproduced, and there is only one original per print.   




The velvety texture of soft pastels on sanded paper is heightened by the vibrancy of pure pigment layered to reflect shadow and light. For me, the experience of painting with soft pastels evokes a sense of freedom akin to finger painting as a child. The connection of the artist to the medium is a part of the experience, from touching the soft pastels, visible marks of action on paper, messy hands covered in pigment, and the beauty that flows from those moments of freedom.

Water Lilies Series

Multiple watercolors on large canvas (24x36 inches and larger) ​ This series explores compassion and empathy for the Self. Encouraging the viewer to find beauty in what IS. Each piece embraces the unexpected-- inviting the viewer to see the irregularities brought about by the pigment and canvas to show.   Each piece denotes a moment of artistic development and maturation of the artist's work. Based on compositions arising from meditation-- this series presents harmonious compositions in pure watercolor-- these works invite the viewer to consider that they are perfectly imperfect as the subjects and nature of the paintings. The imperfection they are, is inherently completely perfect.

Oil pastel, acrylic and graphite details on 6x8 inch paper.  Inspired by the novel series Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons-- this project imagines a alternate universe built with color folded in geometric abstraction where time is unstable. These paintings are early roots of my love of abstraction and the Colourist painting movement.

In 2019 I began a journey into printmaking as a member of the Red Delicious Press co-op in Aurora, CO. Since then, I've met a supportive and meaningful community of artists to learn from.  This leap into printmaking has helped me delve further into my artistic vision. When I extend myself beyond my comfort zones, I thrive in the discomfort of the unknown. This discomfort is fear, which I face and dissolve-- relying only on the confidence and empathy I have for myself, to create my works.