Hi I'm Harita!


I am a South Asian-American, visual artist based in Denver, Colorado. 

As a self-taught artist, I specialize in painting, printmaking, and mixed media art. Currently, I serve as co-president of Red Delicious Press, a printmaking co-op and community art space located in Aurora, Colorado.

I've completed graduate degrees at the University of Cincinnati, and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in the field of Political Science. My graduate studies emphasized reflexivity and intersectional questions on power in social, economic, and political development. This was accompanied by my interest in critical research methodologies. My graduate research is on South Asian women's labor, politics of cultural discourse, and international development. I also work in the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education.  

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Artist Statement: 


As children, we spend years pursuing knowledge to understand the world around us-- as adults we spend years unraveling our learned reality so we can understand ourselves. I recognize art as a beloved teacher and partner in liberation.


My artwork is a practice of reflexivity, giving light to themes of transformation, death of the ego, false constructs, unlearning, and spiritual non-dualism. I often draw on symbolic imagery in nature such as water lilies, lotuses, landscapes, and bodies of water. I use color to both reflect and inspire emotion in what I create. 

While I use a variety of materials and processes, in each piece my methodology is consistent-- I embrace action without qualifying attachments to the outcome and accept the beauty that follows from those moments of freedom. Each of my projects documents a journey toward self-empathy, understanding purpose, and identifying that which is real and unreal. 


Through my artistic practice, I found that the first step to developing self-empathy is by disrupting our personal ideas of success and failure. By recognizing the attempt as a beginning instead of the end; and that success is a deeply relative term predicated on beliefs and notions which are learned and not inherent. By interrogating these concepts-- we reorient our minds toward possibility. 


Each project consists of multiple works, in a variety of media, grouped around specific narratives and meanings. During my research and production, new projects and methods of interest arise, which guide the next body of work.


We are mirrors of our art. Often what we believe are our flaws, may be what others find beautiful about us. When we are faced with the imperfection that is human-perfection, what can we do to help us cultivate compassion for our own existence?