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Study Buddies


Passion Project

My Role

Entire product design from research to conception, visualization and testing



Project Timeline

2 Months

Project Description

Study Buddies is a digital coordination app for college students. It utilizes location based services to help college/university students (end users) search and connect with nearby study groups, tutors, and resources in real time.

Library Study Group
The Challenge

Given the convenience of mobile based apps for busy students, this conceptual project will focus on presenting a newly designed iOS app. The app should  help facilitate peer-to-peer learning, and tutoring on campus-- by putting the power of coordination in the hands of students. This app will allow students to actively build and coordinate campus study groups, and find tutoring support anytime during the academic school year (including condensed Summer/Winter terms).  This system would work best offered as a widget supported by existing university app architecture.

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