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Hi, I'm Harita. 🙋🏽‍♀️

(pronounced Ha-REE-Tah)

I am a visual artist and researcher that loves problem-solving and storytelling.

Located in Denver, Colorado. I currently work in the field of diversity and inclusion in higher education. I specialize in data and knowledge management, data-driven storytelling, assessment, policy and program development. 


Data and design reflect an exercise of power. 

For me, productive design solutions are created through empathic, collaborative, and inclusive thinking.

I've been fortunate to experience a multidisciplinary education. Yet I chose to pursue political science, because I wanted to understand the explicit and implicit ways power is exercised to shape societies and cultures.

During my ten year career in public universities, I paid close attention to challenges faced by students from underserved communities. I learned about the immense obstacles they must overcome in pursuit of their education. As staff, I sought understand their perspectives so I can support solutions that are equitable and inclusive. This experience has helped me think deeply about intersectionality, technology, and design.

In hindsight, history has no shortage of exclusionary design, resulting in intentional and unintentional acts of marginalization. Yet, the consequences of that same history has laid the foundations for contemporary design thinking. Today, product design is grounded in a bottom-up, inductive methodology-- embodied in a user-centered design process. At the core of my journey is a desire to create products and find solutions that will help users across diverse communities. 

My Journey to UX

Research Methods Expertise

I have applied experience in survey research, including survey design, useability testing, and consumer experience data collection. My graduate coursework specialized in a full spectrum of quantitative and qualitative research methods-- including inductive methods such as ethnography and grounded theory.

Higher Education Career

Hoping to develop my applied research skills further, I began to work in higher education administration. With a desire support underserved populations and minorities-- I worked in student centered settings, including disability support services and  multi-ethnic student education. 

Data meets Design

Research and design are at the intersection of what I truly love: art and science. I am passionate about working in diverse, collaborative teams. Offering creative solutions for complex needs is like solving a good puzzle, Using in consumer-experience and research, I seek data-driven solutions to improve products and services

Intellectual Omnivore 

I earned graduate degrees in political science from the University of Cincinnati, and The University of Massachusetts, Amherst. My research and training was richly interdisciplinary, because I value the importance of considering diverse approaches to complex problems.

An Artist at Heart

In addition to studying political science, I am a self-taught visual artist. I am passionate about art and design. I wanted to incorporate the knowledge from my education and experience into my creative work. 

Data Analytics

As an avid proponent of user-driven design and technological innovation, my work has helped student offices expand their methods for qualitative student feedback and program evaluation. I've designed processes to identify student pain points, and improve organizational goal setting. I have led teams to define, plan, and visualize key performance metrics to improve student services. 

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