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The Path Series

The Path Series is an exploration of form and color. Inspired by cairns and the paths they mark, these 12x9in works are composed using cutouts made from encaustic monotype prints.


A cairn (noun) is an intentionally constructed mound of stones often used to mark sacred sites, including burial sites in some cultures. Sometimes you may see small cairns on trails/paths, hikers will stack the stones as they pass to mark the way for others. (Note: it’s sometimes illegal to make or disturb cairns in some parks— please do research before disturbing any environments).

Series premiered 2024

Path 01
Path 02
Path 03
Path 04
Path 05
Path 06
Path 07
Path 08
Path 09
Path 10
Path 11
Path 12
Path 13
Path 14
Path 15
Path 16
Path 17
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